Mike Weber

Mike Weber has been wood-firing for over fifty years in his anagama kiln located at his forest studio in northern Wisconsin. He retired from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire after teaching ceramics for twenty-one years. Weber has exhibited his work throughout the United States and in Spain and Japan.

Weber's work has been featured/mentioned in publications such as Gourmet Magazine, House & Garden Magazine, Ceramics Monthly, Chopsticks NY Magazine, New York Event Journal YOMITIME and The New York Times. He is represented by Sara Japanese Pottery and Cavin-Morris Gallery located in New York City.

"I have always related to the Japanese culture and have been inspired by some of the potters there. The influence of Zen on Japanese ceramics has had a profound effect on how I approach my own work -- almost in a spiritual way. I try to let the clay speak during the creative process allowing for things to happen which adds to its freshness, its individuality." Mike Weber